General Questions

1Does it cost anything to have a party?
Absolutely not! A trained Pillow Talk Parties Distributor will come to your home and provide a classy, fun-filled presentation for you and your guests completely free of charge. Of course, a party is always more fun with a few snacks and some cold beverages, so you may want to provide your guests with refreshments, but you can leave the entertainment to us!
2Is there a limit to the number of guests I can invite?
At Pillow Talk Parties our policy for guests is the more the merrier! In fact, we encourage you to ask your guests to bring a few friends. As you probably know, the best parties are the ones that have a good mix of ladies, so invite your friends and family and their friends and family too. The guests do need to be at least 18 to attend the party. We promise; there will be plenty of laughs to go around!
3Is there a minimum to the number of guests I invite?
There is no minimum for guests. However, if you think your party is going to be attended by less than 10 women, you might want to consider co-hosting a party. Your co-host can invite guests also, so you have a fun, well-attended party. (Sharing the hostess duties is also great when it comes to making refreshments and cleaning up after the festivities!)
4After I decide to have a party, am I on my own?
Of course not! Your Pillow Talk Parties Distributor will be there every step of the way to make sure you have exactly the kind of fun, lively party that you want. She will provide you with a hostess package which contains invitations, catalogs and everything you’ll need to have a great and successful party. She will also be there to answer questions and give suggestions for exciting party ideas. If you have any questions at all, just ask your Distributor, and she’ll be more than happy to help!

At The Party

1Am I obligated to buy anything if I have a party?
You are never obligated to buy products at a Pillow Talk Party. However, as a Hostess you will receive free products! Just for hosting a Pillow Talk Party , you get 10% of the sales at your party to put toward free products that you choose. So, if your guests spend $1,000, you receive $100 in free goodies. You are also eligible for other hostess gifts and specials. Once you host one Just For You Party, we guarantee, you’ll be hooked!
2Does my party have to be on the weekend?
You can schedule a Pillow Talk Party any day of the week or on the weekend. Day or night, your Pillow Talk Party Distributor will be happy to work with your schedule, so you can throw a party that is fun and convenient for you and all of your girlfriends!
3What kind of space do I need for the party?
You will need a common area where the presentation will take place (living room / dining area / den). And you will need a space for the ordering / buying room (bedroom / den). We want to be discreet with the guests during purchasing.
4Is it OK to ask questions during the demonstration?
Of course! Pillow Talk Party Distributors are extremely knowledgeable about each and every product they present. We also want to make sure you understand exactly what to expect with every purchase so that you can be completely satisfied with your items. So, go ahead…ask away! (Don’t be bashful; we promise there is nothing you could ask that she probably hasn’t already heard!)
5Will all of my guests see what I purchase the night of the party?
Nope. Your Distributor will take everyone’s orders in a private setting, individually. All purchases are placed in a discreet package, so the only person who knows what you buy is you!
6Why can’t men or children be present at my party?
At Pillow Talk Parties we know that one of the best benefits of a party is getting to spend the evening laughing and having a great time with your girlfriends. Not only are there legal ramifications where minors and adult toys are concerned, but we are also sensitive to the fact that many women will feel inhibited by the presence of men and children at a party involving adult toys and frank discussions about sex. We want everyone to have fun and let loose on their much needed ladies’ night out, and one way to ensure this is to make every Pillow Talk Party a special treat just for the ladies!

After The Party

1Will I have to deliver my guests purchases?
No, you and your guests will received your purchases the night of the party. Pillow Talk Parties Distributors carry a large amount of inventory to the party, however, there are times when an item may need to be shipped. All products are shipped in discreet packaging, directly to the customer.
2If I love my party and my products, can I request to have the same Distributor demonstrate at future parties?
Yes! Pillow Talk Parties hopes you will become a lifelong client, and we know that fostering that kind of relationship has everything to do with forming a trusting, responsive relationship with your Distributor. She will provide you with her contact information, so any time you need refills, want to order new products, experience problems or would like to host another party, you can contact your Distributor.
You figured that when you told your husband he’d have to go out with the guys on the night of your Just For You Party, he’d be elated. But, of course, he wanted to stay home once he found out about the sultry fun Just For You Parties had in store. Read our list of common questions covering everything from the reasons why men aren’t invited to parties to our innovative possibilities for sending out your invites, and hopefully, we’ll answer all the questions you have about booking a party.
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