1How soon can I start earning money?
Immediately! You begin earning profits at your very first party!
2How do you get over a fear of speaking in front of people?
Many Distributors start out feeling nervous about speaking in front of a group. Since your first few parties will be held with friends and family you will likely have an audience that will be very willing to support your new business venture. After holding just a few parties, your confidence will grow and those butterflies will go away.
3Do I need sales experience to be successful?
No. In fact, many top Distributors had no sales experience before beginning their own Pillow Talk Parties business. Many were also nervous in the beginning, but soon found that holding parties is fun, easy and rewarding!
4Do I need a lot of inventory to be successful?
Pillow Talk Parties Distributors find that having inventory on hand is a key to success because most customers prefer to take their purchases home the night of the party. The amount of inventory that you will want to have on hand depends on the number of parties you plan to hold. Many new Distributors build up their inventory over time by using a portion of the profits from each party to purchase product.


1Are Pillow Talk Parties Distributors employed by the Corporate Office?
Distributors are Independent Contractors that are self-employed business owners who purchase inventory from Pillow Talk Parties and resell it directly to the public.
2Are there hidden fees or “catches”?
There is no charge for processing orders and no other hidden costs. Supplies are sold to Distributors at incredible discounts.

The Future

1Do I have to meet sales quotas or minimums?
Once you become an Active Pillow Talk Parties Distributor, you simply need to place a $200 Retail order every two calendar months. To maximize your income potential, you will likely want to strive for the many bonuses that Pillow Talk Parties offers for personal Retail Sales, Recruiting, leadership and more. However, the choice is yours!
2Will I receive training?
With Pillow Talk Parties you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. The Corporate Office, as well as other Distributors are always available to help you succeed. With the training and support that is offered the work that you put into your business is well rewarded and completely worth it!
3Can you really have it all with Pillow Talk Parties?
This is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes hard work and dedication to build your own business; however, with Pillow Talk Parties it is truly possible to achieve your dreams and have it all!

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